Get your groove on with this 4-player rhythm game!

Whether you're at your friend's place, at a party, DJ'ing or VJ'ing, this game is the perfect way to really get into the music!

The Game

In BeatBounce four player fight against each other, each one trying to push the others of the platform and be the last player standing. Every move the player makes is synchronized with the beat, so the players have to listen well and get into the groove in order to be the best BeatBouncer!

If you want to play BeatBounce right now go to the Play it! – Section and play it in your browser. But if you want the real BeatBounce-experience play it at a party with our custom made controller.

Retro Joystick Controller

Retro Joystick Controller

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So if you want to have BeatBounce at a party near you, contact us and we’ll figure something out…

By: Samuel Vonäsch, Aurelio Lucchesi, Jack Hoefnagel